The Reliant Fire Protection Consultants are experts in the following fields:

Fire Safety Assessments, as per NFPA 550 & 551

  • Identifying the "Worst Case" fire scenario as basis for the mitigation measures
  • P&ID, PEFS, UEFS desktop studies or via multi-disciplinary effort
  • Heat consequence modeling (fire simulation studies)
  • Fire water demand calculations
  • Sewer / drainage calculations
  • Foam demand calculations
  • Tank pit capacity and bund height sizing, based on credible fire scenarios
  • Distribution ring main sizing
  • Fire pump rating including associated equipment, based on FSA outcome
  • HAZOP / HAZID studies

Installation of Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances, as per NFPA 24

  • Sizing of fire mains
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Fire pump sizing
  • Fire water tank sizing
  • Pipe specification best solutions for local conditions
  • Hydrant and fire monitors specification
  • Isolation philosophies for maintenance, upgrades or repairs
  • Protection against freezing
  • Protection against mechanical damages
  • Testing and acceptance
  • Backup provisions

Foam Extinguishing Design, as per NFPA 11

  • Foam concentrate selection for handled and/or stored products
  • Foam proportioning and concentrate pump design
  • Piping design foam concentrate and water/foam solution
  • Fixed roof and external floating roof foam system design
  • Diked areas outdoor design
  • Hydraulic calculations and design
  • Aspirating air via venturi principle
  • Foam concentrate storage
  • Testing, commissioning and acceptance

Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection, as per NFPA 15

  • Wet water spray system design
  • Dry water spray system design
  • Water demand calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations and line sizing
  • Horizontal- and vertical storage tank cooling
  • Material selection
  • Detection and alarming
  • Exposure protection (cooling)
  • Nozzle selection
  • Testing, commissioning and acceptance

Fire Pump Design, as per NFPA 20

  • Horizontal split-case / vertical turbine or hydropack setup
  • Pump curve selection based on hydraulic requirements
  • Pump alignment
  • Hydraulic design and verification of existing systems
  • Material selection suitable for local conditions
  • Water supply: open water or from storage tank (NFPA 22 design)
  • NPSH(a) & NPSH(r) input
  • Automatic sprinkler protection & fresh water supply
  • Relief valve design
  • Water hammer and surge prevention
  • Vibration prevention / mitigation
  • Diesel day tank filling and alarms to CCR
  • Wet pit civil design & vortex / cavitation prevention
  • Open water installation including removable strainer design
  • Variable speed drive (diesel drivers) and frequency controlled (electrical driven pumps)
  • Electrical design: locked rotor current and short circuit measures
  • N+1 availability principle
  • FAT & SAT testing
  • Maintenance and weekly test runs

Water Tank for Private Fire Protection design, as per NFPA 22

  • Capacity calculations
  • Tank type and erection
  • Material selection
  • Frost protection; heating and insulation (smart- & cost effecient solutions)
  • Tank connections and fittings
  • Anti-vortex solutions 
  • Inspection, testing and maintenance

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