Reliant Fire Protection offers both Engineering, Consultancy and Project Management services. Providing specialist solutions throughout all project phases from Define to Execute, guaranteeing our Clients maximum Fire Protection safety against minimum investment costs. 

Reliant Fire Protection operates in a niche market that is under constant development. Large fires occur more frequently as processes in the hydrocarbon- and special chemical industry have increased complexity, resulting in higher risks and thus the need for taylor made fire protection solution.  Reliant Fire Protection designs fire protection systems that mitigate the consequences of fires. Large scale fires can always occur as they are influenced by multiple variables.  Correctly designed mitigation measures will reduce:    

  • Injuries and / or loss of lives;
  • Loss of asset;         
  • Production interruption;         
  • Contract breach;        
  • Environmental pollution;         
  • Reputation damage. 

Specialized services include, but are not limited to; fire risk assessments, heat consequence modeling, water- and foam demand calculations, hydraulic calculations and design for private fire service mains, detailed material specifications and requisitions, bid evaluations, P&ID’s- PFD’s & PEFS development, value engineering, permitting, budget- and cost estimating, site surveys / inspections and guide, training & mentoring of engineering professionals.

Expert Areas

The Reliant Fire Protection Consultants are widely recognized through their knowledge & expertise.


Engineering Solutions are provided from Project Definition up to Detailed Design phase.


Our Consultancy services provide Clients Maximum Fire Safety against Minimum Investment Costs. 

Our Work

Reliant Fire Protection provides expert services in Industrial Fire Protection Solutions all around the globe. Our Clients inspire us to execute excellent projects preserving life, the environment, assest and to ensure that everybody goes home safe after work. 

In a rapidly changing environment, where regulations become more stringent every year, we keep our knowlede up to date providing durable taylor made Engineering and Consultancy Solutions.  

Inspections & Surveys

Reliant Fire Protection executes fire safety site surveys- and inspections on fire protection and detection systems. 

The results are presented in a report indicating whether systems are up-to-date and compliant with National regulations and/or Insurance company requirements or need to be upgraded in order to meet the requirements.

Project Management

Reliant Fire Protection offers Project Management Solutions from A to Z, from Define to Execute, from Construction to Commissioning. Scope assessement and startup preparations including project planning are amongst the standard project orientation works. 

Training & Coaching

Reliant Fire Protection offers Training & Coaching programs that are tailor made to suit your specific needs. 

Training may be to increase fire safety awareness of to better understand the industrial fire safety principles.